Will Powys

At the end of the First World War, Will Powys drew several thousand acres around Kisima spring in the foothills of Mount Kenya under the soldier settler scheme. This was fortunate as the spring ensured his land had water and enabled him to survive the years ahead when many other settlers did not.

Will went to work for an established farmer, taking his pay in trees, stock and machinery. In 1927, he was able to start his business at Kisima, 8000 feet above sea level.

Will married Elizabeth and together they had three children: Rose, who lives at Ngare Ndare, Charles, who was killed in a gun accident in 1964 and Gilfrid, who chaired the Kisima board for 47 years and is the head of the Kisima enterprise.

Members of the Powys Dyer family continue to work with and on Kisima farm.  Gilfrid Powys, Anne Powys, Francis Dyer and Michael Dyer are board members. Martin Dyer - General Manager of Kisima Flowers. Charles Dyer - General Manager of Foundation and Forestry.

Supported by Shaun Miller - General Manager of Kisima Farm

The Board of Directors
Kisima Chairman: Mr Nick Hutchinson
Managing Director: Dr Jonathan Moss
Board Members: Mr Michael Turner, Mr Gilfrid Powys, Mr Michael Dyer, Mr Francis Dyer and Ms Anne Powys.  

Kisima was incorporated in 1943.

Kisima is 100% Kenyan owned and operated.