Kisima Scouts

The scouts are a very important team as the first line of defense scouting for disease and pests on the flowers. They use the Scarab Scout app on their phones which pinpoints any threat to the flowers. This threat is then sent to the office computers and the production managers can then act quickly before the threat becomes an issue, resulting in saved crops. This app is fantastic in that it means that we do not need to use chemicals on the plants when they are not needed and we use the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies first.


1st prize for Kisima Farm 'Hurricane' Rose at Keukenhof

We are very proud to have won 1st prize for our rose variety ‘Hurricane’. We were winners of the best imported rose in the show, beating all the competition at the Keukenhof fair.

New Delphiniums

Planting new Delphinium varieties at Kisima Farm.

Kisima Farm 2nd place in sustainability awards

Kisima Farm were runners up at the National Farmers Competition Award Scheme. Kisima was shortlisted out of 85 applicants and the farm was duly inspected, earning us second place in the large scale floriculture farm category. This was judged on contribution to the improvement of the community livelihoods, regional and national economy through increasing incomes, employment creation, export earnings and corporate social responsibility.

Kisima Farm Rose

Kisima ATHENA far as the eye can see!
Just one of our new exciting large headed roses being introduced in 2018. Our wonderful climate through December and the early part of January, has helped produce the finest quality roses. We really look forward to seeing these flowers sell in Europe from next week! Well done to the Kisima floriculture team!


Kisima in Holland

Kisima was a big hit in Holland! We are very proud to show our flowers looking excellent at the main flower show in Amsterdam.