Kisima has recently become Kenya’s leading producer of certified seed potatoes, producing over 200,000 minitubers per year in an aeroponics screen house, and over 2,000 tonnes of certified seed potatoes per year from 130 ha using 3G strategy.


The Kisima strategy enables the rapid scale up of production, getting seed to farmers in 18 months rather than the normal 3 years. Certified 3G seed typically increases smallholder yields by 3-5 times (from 8t/ha to 40t/ha).

Potatoes are the second most important food crop in Kenya, grown by 800,000 smallholders, on 158,000 hectares, requiring 300,000 tonnes of seed per year. National certified seed production is currently less than 5% of demand. Kisima meets 75% of that certified seed production, and supplies over 2,500 smallholders per year.

Kisima has on site cold storage of 1000 ton capacity. 

I planted nine bags of Kisima Sherekea seed, it grew very thick and created complete cover thus reducing any soil moisture loss. When it came time to harvest, my livestock loved the foliage and we harvested 110 bags. Sherekea is in high demand in our local market.
— Kinyua Mukindi, Manyagalo